Letter to the Editor

Wow! Talk about drinking the Democratic Kool-Aid. Deanna is parroting all the NYT, CNN, MSNBC regurgitating hourly their hate.

Take lying. Who is counting? What is a lie? Please explain the lies. Deanna says “It has been said..”. See no facts just repeating the hate. I don’t know what this nonsense about the Post Office she speaks of. As far as as COVID19 just think: the economy was humming, unemployment for all is at an all time low, taxes are cut, jobs are coming back – all is good. Then a pandemic hits. Deanna what would you have done? Hindsite is a luxery the President didn’t have. He had to act.

Now the military of whom you nothing. I am a disabled veteran. Under Pres. Trump my care at the V.A. is great. He has made it easier for us to get care. He has built up the military so now instead of when Obama/Biden apologized for our #1 standing and tried to tear it down. We are able to stand up to Russia or China or Iran. My youngest son Adam served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and was always complaining of things the Army didn’t have. Now they do, plus 2 pay raises under Pres. Trump.

Tony Sheda

Wrenshall, Minn.