Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on recent articles

I saw two Republican related articles on the front page, last time. Congressman Naig looking of the slaughter house and the renovations at the old church. First off the slaughter house got 12 million dollars to expand their facility, but because they said construction cost were high, they’d use it for upgrades. Huh, gee it was earmarked for expansion not upgrades. And the brothers who hold substantial shares in the company in Brazil, are known far and wide for corruption, not to mention deforestation for their cows. I called up the Army Corps of Engineers and they said no construction was going to be built over the file. Buzzz, wrong again. With Kim Reynolds cutting everything in sight that gave a leg up for the poor people, now the river monitoring for the Iowa River has also been gutted. In the book The Accidental Century, “to talk of capitalism is the first step away from fatalism.” Is this what you really want out of government. Now their going after the public schools. In Engineering I learned pi r squared, according to the Republican Calculus pie are round. Vote for me on June 4.

John Anderson