Lucas Dvorak for Tama County Sheriff

In the heart of Iowa, Tama County is on the brink of a pivotal change. Lucas Dvorak, a name synonymous with dedication, expertise, and community involvement, has announced his candidacy for the position of Tama County Sheriff. With nearly 15 years of commendable service within the Sheriff’s office, Dvorak’s campaign is not just about a title–it is about reinforcing the foundation of community safety, engagement, and proactive law enforcement

“For years, I’ve worked with him and watched him consistently do the right things, the right way. He does this even when no one is watching. He puts the needs and concerns of others before his own time and time again,” said retired Tama County Detective Bruce Rhoads.

Dvorak’s law enforcement career has showcased commitment and responsibility. It started with his journey as a patrol deputy. He spent five years on the front lines, directly engaged with the community and addressing the immediate concerns that affect the daily lives of Tama County’s residents. This role laid the groundwork for his understanding of the needs and challenges of the people of Tama County.

Dvorak then transitioned into the role of a narcotics and general detective. Over the next decade, he not only honed his skills in investigation, but also became a critical figure in Tama and Marshall counties combating drug-related and other crimes. Serving on the executive board for the Iowa Narcotics Officers Association, Dvorak works at the state level to enhance narcotics enforcement strategies and share best practices. His efforts in this area underscore his dedication to the safety and well-being of the community.

Rhoads stated, “He is the candidate who will strive to protect you from crime, from federal overreach, and will be a pro 2nd amendment Sheriff.”

Beyond his law enforcement duties, Dvorak has established himself as an educator and mentor. As a certified firearms instructor for Tama County, he ensures that officers are not only skilled in the use of their tools but also understand the responsibility that comes with them. His role as a teacher of critical incident response in local schools demonstrates his commitment to the safety and preparedness of both students and staff, equipping them with the knowledge to act decisively in emergency situations.

One of his key proposals is to secure funding to install a School Resource Officer (SRO) in each of the Tama County Schools. This initiative not only aims to enhance the safety of students and staff but also to foster positive relationships between the youth and law enforcement, building a bridge of trust and cooperation.

Dvorak is familiar with grants available to fund SROs and is poised to leverage them. His vision encompasses a holistic approach to community safety, emphasizing the importance of education, prevention, and engagement alongside traditional law enforcement.

Dvorak’s contributions to Tama County extend beyond his professional achievements. His active involvement in the community is that of a person who is genuinely committed to enriching the lives around him. Understanding the importance of positive role models in young lives, he has also taken on significant roles as a coach for wrestling and football in Tama County. Through sports, he teaches discipline, teamwork, and resilience–lessons that extend well beyond the field or mat.

As the election approaches, the choice for Tama County’s next sheriff is clear. Lucas Dvorak represents a blend of seasoned experience, community involvement, and a forward-thinking approach to law enforcement and community engagement. His candidacy is not just about maintaining the status quo but about elevating the standard of public safety and community partnership to new heights.

In Lucas Dvorak, Tama County has a candidate who not only understands the intricacies of law enforcement but also embodies the spirit of community service. His election as sheriff would not just be a win for the sheriff’s office but a significant stride forward for the entire community.

Amy Harmsen volunteers with Lucas Dvorak’s campaign for Tama County Sheriff.