Letter to the Editor: The right to be

Nearly 40 % of our nation’s population now check the “None” square when asked what religion they prefer, including myself. This acknowledgement gives no one else the right to assume that we “none’s” have any less morals or standards than those who check a certain religion, especially now while hypocrisy runs rampant amongst believers.

The current movement of conservative-dominated governments to misinterpret the constitutional right of Freedom of Religion to mean that religions have the right to impose their beliefs on others is totally irrational. For example, why anyone would think that my taxpayer money should forcibly be given to tuition waivers so students will be encouraged to go to religious-based schools rather than public schools, is not only wrong, but ludicrous and immoral.

No doubt what’s needed is a clarification of that most fundamental of constitutional rights so it specifies that the many “none’s” amongst us have “Freedom FROM Religions,” not the least of which is being financially and legally coerced to support religious teachings.

Mary McBee