Summer should stay

Megan Mann

What’s the point of having year-round school? It’s not going to be any more beneficial to students than a nine-month calendar.

Research at Ohio State University concludes that this is true. They found that year-round school does not boost learning whatsoever. Math and reading scores still improved about the same.

It can also cause a lot of confusion with the schedule. Parents will have to find more ways to cope with the school. Long summer vacations won’t be able to happen as smooth either. And, summer camps might have to be shorter.

“Year-round schools don’t really solve the problem of the summer learning set-back, they just simply spread it out across the year.” (Von Hippel 2007)

Students don’t really need year-round school; they will most likely get the same results.

Editor’s Note: Megan Mann is a 6th grade student at the South Tama Middle School in Toledo. She is one of five members of the 6th grade taking part in the National Day of Writing Program in the class of Laura Edwards. Assisting in the project are teachers Amy Stotts and Shanna Goos. Megan’s photo by teacher Jeff Barker.

One of the projects was to write an editorial. The other student editorials have or will appear in The News-Herald and Toledo Chronicle.