Tama County election wrap up and write-ins

Tama County Supervisor Chairman Dan Anderson, right, and District 1 Supervisor Larry Vest, left, work to canvas election results on Nov. 10. Voters turned out in record number in 2020, bolstered by a high number of absentee voting. Darvin Graham/Sun Courier

In a year un like any other, 2020 delivered an election that set records across the country.

In Tama County voters broke the previous turnout record set in 2012 by nine votes. Overall a total 9,098 ballots were cast in Tama County with 3,993 of those coming in the form of absentee ballots.

The absentee counting board started processing the absentee votes on the Monday before the election and were done counting them by 5 pm on Election Day. This helped speed up the results on election night as there weren’t as many people voting at the polls. Tama County only had to consolidate two precincts due to a lack of workers because of COVID concerns and some were moved around from their usual precincts to fill in the gaps.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still active in Iowa, increased safety protocols were put in place including masks, face shields, sanitizer, floor markers for social distancing, disposable pens and privacy sleeves for the ballots.

“I am so proud of these workers and my staff for stepping up to this challenge,” Tama County Auditor Laura Kopsa said. “I would like to thank the citizens of Tama County for getting out there to vote and for respecting and participating in the extra safety measures we put in place.”

Tama County Supervisor Chairman Dan Anderson draws a name out of a hat to break the tie between two individuals who had the same number of write-in votes for the Soil & Water Conservation Commission election. Al Schafbuch of Dysart was the only name on the ballot the commission that was searching for three members to be voted on. Brian Benda of Toledo received the most write-in votes with 11 and was voted on the commission. Bill Heckt of Dysart and Brad Benda of Toledo each received four write-in votes with Heckt winning the tie breaker to join Schafbuch and Brian Benda as the commission members elected in 2020. Darvin Graham/North Tama Telegraph

Election Analysis

At the top of the ticket in 2020, Tama County voters saw three incumbents running for their first re-election.

In each case, election results illustrated an advance forward for Republicans. President Donald Trump saw his vote share in Tama County increase from 56.8% in 2016 to 58.6% in 2020.

Senator Joni Ernst saw the largest swing of the three in the county, increasing upon her 2014 total of 52.8% up to 56.7% in 2020.

One key difference between the races in the middle of the last decade and the one which just occurred is the performance of third party candidates. In 2014, over 10% of the vote for Tom Harkin’s former U.S. Senate seat went to a third party in Tama County. This year, those not voting for Ernst or Democrat Theresa Greenfield only accounted for 3% of the vote.

U.S. Rep. Abby Finkenauer, a first term Democrat, came up short in Tama County two years ago by capturing only 44.2% of the vote.

Despite the loss in rural areas Finkenauer was still able to defeate GOP incumbent Rod Blum with victories in three of the states most populated counties (Linn, Black Hawk and Dubuque).

Finkenauer carried the same three counties in 2020 but lost in all 17 of her other counties by wider margins than 2018.

In Tama County, voters preferred Republican challenger Ashely Hinson who took 57.7% of the vote here in 2020 compared to Rod Blum who garnered only 51.3% of the vote in 2018.

At the state level, both Rep. Dean Fisher, R-Montour, and Sen. Jeff Edler, R-State Center, won re-election with decisive victories over their first-time challengers.

Edler saw the larger increase of the two in vote share, going from 56.5% in Tama County in 2016 to 60.3% in 2020.

Meanwhile, Fisher will enter his fifth term in the Iowa House next year after a win over Christina Blackcloud (D-Tama) earlier this month.

Fisher’s election trajectory in Tama County differs slightly from his Republican counterparts.

During his first run seeking to replace Rep. Lance Horbach, R-Tama, who retired from the Iowa House in 2012, Fisher wound up losing the vote in Tama County to challenger Nathan Wrage, D-Gladbrook, by 294 votes. He was able to make up the difference however in the counties bordering Tama to go on for a narrow victory.

Fisher flipped the script two years later however, winning over Ben Westphal, D-Marshalltown, by 3,120 votes overall. His win share in Tama County that year shot up 16 points to 64.2% of the vote.

Since 2014, Fisher’s totals in Tama County have remained steady, hovering round 57% to 58% of the vote against three different challengers.

Of the incumbents that retained their seats following the 2020 election, Tama County Sheriff Dennis Kucera, R-Traer, has been seated the longest.

Kucera won the Tama County Sheriff’s seat in 2000 with a victory over Dan Wilkens, D-Tama, by capturing 51.5% of the vote.

Since 2000, he has won re-election five times while running unopposed only once (2008). The closest race in any of Kucera’s re-election bids came in 2012 against Tama County Sheriff’s Deputy Bryan Ellenbecker, D-Tama.

Kucera won that race by 15 percentage points and has taken larger bites out of the margins ever since.

He again defeated Ellenbecker in 2016, this time by 26%, and finished 2020 with a landslide victory over first-time challenger Jeffrey Schrock, D-Toledo, by a margin of 40%.

Tama County voters again elected County Auditor Laura Kopsa, D-Tama, who has been at the post since first becoming appointed in 2006 when her predecessor John Adams left the office mid-term.

Kopsa has ran unopposed in each of her election bids since that time.

As Republican control increased in Tama County over the last decade, Kopsa and other Democrats at the county level have seen their vote totals steadily diminish, although very much at the micro level.

Kopsa’s vote percentage has dropped from 98.8% in 2008 to 97.8% in 2020.

Also at the county level, the two seats up for election in 2020 saw strides made by Republicans against two incumbent Democrats.

District 2 Supervisor Kendall Jordan, D-Toledo, first won election in 2008 with 53.9% of voters choosing him over Keith Sash, R-Gladbrook.

Jordan was unopposed in 2012 and again in 2016, but similar to Kopsa saw a slight dip in his vote percentage across that period of time.

In 2020 Jordan was upset by first-time challenger William Faircloth, R-Toledo.

Faircloth took 53.3% of the vote compared to Jordan’s 46.4%.

He will be the first new face on the Tama County Board of Supervisors since District 3 Supervisor Dan Anderson, D-Tama, won election in 2012.

Anderson was again on the ballot in 2020 and will begin his third term in January after going unopposed.

In 2012 Anderson defeated Luke Squiers, R-Tama, with 65.1% of the vote in District 3.

Anderson won 98.1% of the vote running unopposed in 2016, but saw the total drop to 96.9% in 2020.

Below are the official Tama County election results that were certified following a canvas of the vote on Nov. 10.

Also included are the write-in votes submitted by Tama County voters. The numerals ahead of the names in the write-in sections indicate how many votes each entry received.

Write-in enteries have not been edited for grammar and appear as they were written on the ballots.

In some cases the oval next to the write-in option on the ballot was filled in but nothing was written in the space provided.

U.S. President/Vice President

Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris – 3,577 (39.53%)

Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence – 5,303 (58.61%)

Third Party/No Party/Write-In – 168 (1.84%)

Write-In Votes: 2-Pete Buttegieg, Mitt Romney, Tom Marshall; 1- Merle Welch, Edward Wm Hatcher/Jerimiah Edward Fuller, Bernie Sanders, Coach Matt Campbell/ISU football, Andrew Yang, Michael R. Pence, Mitt Romney/Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Elmer Fudd, Ron Jeremy, Charles Grassley/Joni Ernst, Marian Snyder/Alex Wrasse, Andrew Mark Cuomo/Michael R. Pence, Elizabeth Warren, Ashton Kutcher/Jimmy Fallon, James Mattis

U.S. Senate

Theresa Greenfield – 3,588 (40%)

Joni Ernst 5,090 (56.74%)

Third Party/No Party/Write-In – 292 (3.26%)

Write-In Votes: 1-Wayne Benson, Jacob Young Bear, Abby Finkenauer, None, Dan Quigley, Matt Whitaker, Rebecca Rayman

U.S. Representative – District 1

Abby Finkenauer – 3,750 (42.05%)

Ashley Hinson – 5,150 (57.75%)

Write-In – 17 (0.19%)

Write-In Votes: 1-Jason E. Bilerbeck, Jacob Young Bear, Dave Dankbar, Fred Atmosphere, Rod Blum, No, Becky Faircloth, Allan Kline, Cody Finical

Iowa Senate – District 36

David Degner – 3,480 (39.51%)

Jeff Edler – 5,315 (60.34%)

Write-In – 13 (0.15%)

Write-In Votes: 1-Dave Schmit, Jason E. Billerbeck, Jacob Young Bear, Lori Bearden, None, Kyle Hrabak, Joseph E. Boll

Iowa House – District 72

Christina Blackcloud – 3,681 (41.62%)

Dean Fisher – 5,150 (58.22%)

Write-In – 14 (0.16%)

Write-In Votes: 1-Jason E. Bilerbeck, Jacob Young Bear, Dave Dankbar, Fred Atmosphere, Rod Blum, No, Becky Faircloth, Allan Kline, Cody Finical

Question 1 – Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution, and propose amendment or amendments to same?

Yes – 2,280 (29.45%)

No – 5,462 (70.55%)

Tama County Supervisor – District 2

Kendall L. Jordan – 1,397 (46.46%)

William Faircloth – 1,605 (53.38%)

Write-In – 5 (0.17%)

Write-In Votes: 1-George Baack

Tama County Sheriff

Jeffrey Schrock – 2,644 (29.57%)

Dennis P. Kucera – 6,279 (70.21%)

Write-In Votes: 5-Bryan Ellenbecker; 1-Dennis Kucera, Justin D. Fencl, Jacob Young Bear, None, Ellenbecker, Brian Ellenbecker, Mike Ellenbecker, Matt Dillion, Casey Schmidt, Brion Ellenbecker, Nathan Shepherd, Nathan Sherpard

Tama County Supervisor – District 3

Daniel Anderson – 2,058 (96.94%)

Write-In – 65

Write-In Votes: 3-Lance Lacina; 2-Faircloth, Kendall Jordan, Bill Faircloth, John Bostian, Angie Hill, Tony Upah; 1-Tim Murty, Corey Timm, Russ Faircloth, Henry Segovia, Rob Hagge, James Novotny, Brock Lacina, Jacob Young Bear, Greg Wacha, Diane Yilek, Dave Hemby, Jacki Carlson, Jim Novotny, John White?, K. Jordan, Chad Anderson, David Wiese, Cory Timm, Rob Frundle, Anyone!, Jim Poduska, John Doe, Republican, Mark Dunning, No, Dylan Bishop, Anyone!, Tom Kemper, Adam Todd, Brian Doyle, Todd Cleppe, Troy Cline, Randy Upah, Martin Hardon, Kerwyn, David Shaw, Patrick Henry, Mickey Mouse, Steve Oort

Tama County Auditor

Laura Kopsa – 6,935 (97.87%)

Write-In – 151

Write-In Votes: 4-Karen Rohrs; 2-Anyone else, Christy Wilson, Greg Hovatter, James Osborn, John Doe, Jon Doe, Michele Werner, Nobody, Ray Kubik, Republican; 1-Abbie Hix, Adam Stone, Al Giengor, Amanda Timm, Andrea Krafka, Any Conservative, Ashley Bolen, Ashley Denbow, Baron W. Berheniss, Becky Faircloth, Bill Blake, Bill Harrigan, Bill Rights, Bonnie Nelsen, Brock Wilson, Burke Meihe, Chase Rohlfson, Chris Schafer, Clayton Fisk, Dan Ferris, Dan Knapp, Darla Thiessen, Dave Hemby, Dave Schmit, David Ohman, Dawn Withrow, Deb Henningsen, Deb Kupka, Deborah Kupka, Denise Overton, Diane Yilek, Doug Stamp, Ed Roth, Eric McEwen, Foghorn Leghorn, Glen Lage, Hope Werner, Jacki Carlson, Jacob Young Bear, Jamie Hall, Jason E. Billerbeck, Jay Kopriva, Joe Dvorak, Joe Jon, John Speer, Jordan Carter, Joseph Biden, Josh Johnson, June Klinefelter, Kaley Benda, Kanye West, Kelly Deke, Kelly Kemp, Kelly Smith, Kendall Jordan, Kenny McAdoo, Kirk Weaver, Kurt Ketter, Larry Thomas, Local Beaver, Lundon Ewoldt, MaryLynn Svoboda, Matt Heitmann, Matt Zmolek, Me, Meredith Espenscheid, Michelle Werner, Michelle Yuska, Mike Judge, Mike Kipfer, Miky, Misty Nerness, Myself, N A, Owen Catron, Paul Ellenbecker, Paul Kupka, Rachelle Frost, Richard VanderMey, Rick Brodigan, Rick M. Hayden, Rick Raymond, Russ Faircloth, Scoobi Doo, Scott M?, Skip Wilson, Stephen Rauch, Sue Carson, Susan Carson, Tabby Katser, Ted Novak, Tiffany Feisel, Todd Cleppe, Tom Lacina, Travis Mullen, Wayne Keller

Buckingham Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

John Schrier – 151

Jerry Meisgeir – 131

Write-In – 1

Write-In Votes: 1-Whoever is republican!

Carlton Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Matt Jackson – 180

Brian Bovenmyer – 161

Write-In – 4

Write-In Votes: 1-Newell Drury, Randy Sienknect, Mike Rohach, Gary Koster

Carroll Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Alan Sienknecht – 108

Bill Jesina – 92

Clark Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Dean McKenna – 136

Mark Werner – 2

Write-In – 4

Write-In Votes: 2-Mark Werner; 1-Larry K. Winkelpleck, Chris Wilson, Ron Barthelmes, Ryan Schuchart

Columbia Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Daniel J. Zhorne – 159

Adam Todd – 76

Write-In – 8

Write-In Votes: 1-Cindy Richardson, Jim Anderson, Gary Dolezal, Lloyd Smith, Stanley Graff, Jeff Goos, Stan Grabb, Stan Graff

Columbia Twp Clerk (Vote for 1)

Lloyd Chyma Jr. – 166

Crystal Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Craig Sash – 113

Robert W. Knaack – 86

Write-In – 3

Write-In Votes: 1-Dave Mauder, David Boldt, Matt Koester

Geneseo Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Catherine Leipold – 162

Tammirae Neuendorf – 141

Write-In – 13

Write-In Votes: 2-Adam Nechanicky, Robert Hill; 1-Burk Miehe, Burke Meihe, Rodney Kavalier, Brian Weber, Craig Olson, Robert Higgins, Bob Hill, John E. Moffitt

Grant Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Ryan Bru – 140

Clifford Moye – 1

Highland Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Gary Manfull – 69

Melissa Manfull – 75

Write-In – 1

Write-In Votes: 1-Jim Hines

Howard Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Alan Kouba – 112

Kevin Stamp – 90

Daniel Aneweer – 20

Write-In – 3

Write-In Votes: 1-David Chizek, Ronald Hala

Indian Village Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Craig Hempy – 273

Robert Frundle – 272

Write-In – 8

Write-In Votes: 2-Donielle J. Wanatee; 1-David Hinegardner, Leon Bear, Dawn Wanatee Buffalo, Donnielle Wanatee, Marlene Morgan, Rudy Papakee

Lincoln Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Donald Linnenbrink – 133

Karen Sienknecht – 12

Write-In – 3

Write-In Votes: 1-Larry Melton, Brian Wrage, Kelly Kemp

Oneida Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Joe G. Dvorak – 106

Sandra Kopriva – 86

Write-In – 3

Write-In Votes: 1-Ried Monroe, Willis Hennings

Otter Creek Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Dan Doyle – 123

Don Paustian – 106

Write-In – 3

Write-In Votes: 1-Brad Benda, Roger Wacha Jr., Joel Paustian

Perry Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

R. Sam Young – 116

Rick Dennis – 79

Write-In – 2

Write-In Votes: 1-Mark Wilson, James Currens

Richland Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Brian Squiers – 65

Ernest Kucera – 59

Write-In – 2

Write-In Votes: 2-Tony Upah

Richland Twp Clerk – (Vote for 1)

Patrick Henry – 74

Salt Creek Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

John Bostian – 119

Paul Kupka – 114

Write-In – 1

Write-In Votes: 1-Todd Cleppe

Spring Creek Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Mark Flamme – 193

Grant Strohbehn – 185

Write-In – 2

Write-In Votes: 1-Logan Koester, Jeff Bruene

Tama Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Ben Bolen – Awarded by random selection

John Safely – Awarded by random selection

Write-In – 2

Write-In Votes: 1-Scott Bolen, Camara Cosgrove

Tama Twp Clerk (Vote for 1)

Ashley Bolen – 69

Toledo Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Pete Lyon – 262

Leonard Husak – 198

Write-In – 2

Write-In Votes: 1-Travis Mullen, Randy Cooper

York Twp Trustees (Vote for 2)

Lance Wauters – 131

Todd Banes – 117

Soil & Water Conservation District Commission (Vote for 3)

Al Schafbuch – 6,489

Write-In – 278

Brian Benda – 11

Bill Heckt – 4

Write-In Vote: 11-Brian Benda; 4-Bill Heckt, Brad Benda; 3-Ed Hoeg, Mark Pokorny; 2- Allen Aldrich, Bill Faircloth, Bill Jesina, Brett Reece, Brett Warren, Brian Wrage, Brock Wilson, Bruce Morrison, Chris Behrens, Craig Earley, Dale Lagenbau, Dale Whaley, Daniel Zhorne, Daryl Bazal, Dick Ruzicka, Greg Ewoldt, James Osborn, Jason E. Billerbeck, Jim Sandquist, Justin Childs, Mark Mason, Matt Jackson, Rebecca Dostal, Richard Gettle, Wayne Rayman; 1-Aaron Staker,Adam Nechanicky,Al Schafbuch,Alan Sienknecht,Alex Kubik,Allan Richards,Allen Zahner,Amanda Stunsbery,Ashley Raue,Ben Dvorak,Berleen Wobeter,Bickkam Cam,Bill Eberhart,Bob Kessel,Brad Meek,Brandon Doyle,Brian Gumm,Brian Pippert,Brian Squiers,Brian Weber,Cort Ahrens,Carlene Prazak,Carol Boyce,Carolyn Adolf,Cathy Wieck,Charlie Karlean,Chris Bearden,Chris Schafer,Christina Cibula,Curt Bacon,Dan Knapp,Dan Kubik,Daniel Hartwig,David Baier,David Bolt,David Hinegarnder,David Sherwood,Dawn S. Wanatee Buffalo,Dawn Suzanne Wanatee Buffalo,Deb Aldrich,Delbert Cloud,Dennis Glenger,Dennis Kersten,Derek Kenzla,Dirk Dahms,Dirk Henle,Don Schuchart,Donielle Wanatee,Donna Kersten,Donnielle Wanatee,Doug Albertson,Doug Dvorak,Doug Sienect,Doug Stamp,Duane Groth,Dustin Dolash,Elmer Skip Wilson,Emily Chyma,Eric Charles Werner,Eric Prestemon,Erich Fuchs,Galen Musgrave,Gary Brunson,Gary Brunssen,Gary Fattig,Gerald Dolash,Gerald Kopriva,Greg Hovatter,Henry Segovia,Hunter Danker,Ian Flores,Israel Nerness,Jack Cooper,Brooke Reiter,Bruce Kuc?,Bruce Rhodes,Calvin Dostal,Jack L. Cooper,Jacob Jake Bates,Jacob Nerness,Jake Jacob,James Kupka,James Poduska,James Schneider,Jana Ryan,Janet Hicks,Jason Lekin,Jeff Vore,Jeffrey Shaw,Jerry Murty,Jesse Burgess,Jill Apfel,Jill Roberts,Jim Hines,Jim Kopriva,Jim Wauters,Jocelyn George,Jodi Prestemon,Joe Hoeg,Joe Yilek,John Bostian,John Claussen,John Kopriva,john Nelson,John Novak,John Schrier,John Stoakes,John Svoboda,Jolene Kahler,Jon Dunwall,Kalen Deke,Ken Bidwell,Kendal Jordan,Kennan Seda,Kenneth Wagenhofer,Kenny McAdoo,Kevin Behounek,Kevin Moeller,Lance Wauters,Larry Mathern,Laurie E. Schafer,Laurie Schafer,Lee Wiges,Lisa Chizek,Cliff Herriott,Clint Werner,Cordt Holub,Corey Timm,Craig Hempy,Lisa J. Kubik,Lisa Kubik,Lonny Hennings,Maddy Harms,Mark A. Mason,Mark McFate,Mark Patterson,Mark Werner,Mark Zmolek,Marvin Pippert,Marvin Ridout,Marvin Taylor,Matt Daniels,Megan Volante,Melody Bro,Michael Calderwood,Mike Kolars,Mike Waterbury,Mike Wieben,Misty Nerness,Nathan Upah,Nathan Wrage,Nathan Wunn,Newell Drury,Nicholas Reiter,Pat McLean,Paul Keester,Ray Kibik,Reid Monroe,Rex Raub,Richard Arp,Richard Burchard,Richard VanderMey,Ried Monroe,Robert Hill,Robert Neuroth,Robert Zeman,Rod Blocker,Rodney Kavalier,Roger Corben,Roger Eberhart,Roger Elmore,Roger Santman,Roger Wacha,Ronald Franze,Ross Monroe,Rustal Martin,Ryan Brubaker,Ryder Albertsen,Sam Kvidera,Sam Newton,Sam Parizek,Sam Wieben,Sandi Kopriva,Sandie Kopriva,Sarah Carter,Scott Kern,Sean McFarlin,Seth Koch,Shayna Zmolek,Shelley Buffalo,Skip Wilson,Steve Hairison,Steve Popelka,Steven Karr,Taylor Zobel-Brown,Teryl Edwards,Thad Espenscheid,Theresa Fisher,Tim Glenn,Tim Popelka,Tina Cibula,Todd Apfel,Todd Banes,Toney Upah,Tony Upah,Travis Blabaugh,Travis Mullen,Trent Banes,Tristan Cecak,Troy Cline,Ty Staveley,Verlyn Strellner,Veryl Sievers,Vicy Garscy,Virgil Vranek,Wayne Fitzgerald,William H. Seda,Willis Hennings.

Tama County Ag. Extension Council Members (Vote for 4)

Jennifer Wrage – 5,381

Trish Stadler – 5,019

Eric Werner – 5,016

Keith Zhorne – 4,899

Write-In – 153

Write-In Votes: 4-Richard Gettle; 3-Brad Benda, Mike Kolars; 2-Bill Heckt, Brett Warren, Brian Wrage, Bruce Morrison, Doug Stadler, Ed Ohrt, James Osborn, Jim Wauters, John Bostian, Kyle Hraback, Reid Monroe, Richard Burchard, Shelley Buffalo, Tom Kemper, Tony Upah; 1-Abigail Sandvick, Adam R. Stone, Alan Kouba, Alexes Baeza, Andrew Knaack, Ann Jackson, Anyone EXCEPT Eric Werner, Ashley Murty, Benjamin M, Berleen Wobeter, Bill Bostian, Bill Smith, Brian Benda, Brian Weber, Brock Wilson, Bruce Kurcera, Bryan Ellenbecker, Byron Witt, Chris Schafer, Chris Wilson, Conway Feisel, Craig Hempy, Crystal Kaufman, Curt Kajer, Dan Knapp, Daniel Zhorne, Dave Baier, Dave Danker, David Boll, David Hinegarnder, Debbie Upah, Dennis Kucera, Dennis Noe, Dennis Wobeter, Donald Schuchart, Doug Hefty, Doug Wacha , Eli Mathern, Eric Lyon, Eric Wacha, Ernest Anniss, Frank Albertson, Grant Strohbehn, Haley Shope, Hunter Danker, Irene Kasal, Israel Nerness, Jake Nerness, James Lacina, Jeff Cox, Jerry Youngbear Jr, Jim Beenken, Jim Pippert, JoAnn Kouba, Joe Hoeg, John Cena, John Kalinay, Jon Dunwall, Justin Miller, Kathy Kurcera, Kathy Werner, Keith Smith, Kevin Bovenmyer, Kiley Vercande, Larry Fowler, Levi Kaufman, Lindsey Upah, Linn R. Snell, Lisa Wrage, Maddy Harms, Mark Flamme, Mark Princehouse, Marty Hardon, Michelle Werner, Mikayla McKenna, Mike Skala, Mike Zmolek, Misty Nerness, Mitchell Boerm, Nancy Cibula, Nathan Upah, Nick Kalinay, Pat Supinoski, Paul Kupka, Pete Lyon, Rachel Knaack, Randy Sienknecht, Rhonda Rivas, Richard Krafka, Rick Hopper, Robert Husak, Robert T. Zeman, Roger Wacha Jr., Sam Ferris, Sam Parizek, Scott Murty, Shelly Buffalo, Shelly Potter, Sherry Kaufman, Steve Osborn, Susie Petersen, Todd Chyma, Tony Wacha, Trent Hala, Tyler Crees.

Supreme Court Justice – Edward Mansfield

Yes – 4,643

No – 2,084

Supreme Court Justice – Christopher McDonald

Yes – 4,577

No – 2,088

Supreme Court Justice – Thomas Waterman

Yes – 4,518

No – 2,096

Supreme Court Justice – Susan Kay Christensen

Yes – 4,730

No – 1,961

Court of Appeals Judge – David May

Yes – 4,641

No – 1,927

Court of Appeals Judge – Julie A. Schumacher

Yes – 4,787

No – 1,799

Court of Appeals Judge – Sharon Soorholtz Greer

Yes – 4,722

No – 1,869

Court of Appeals Judge – Thomas N. Bower

Yes – 4,577

No – 1,979

District 6 Judge – Fae Ellen Hoover-Grinde

Yes – 4,623

No – 1,861

District 6 Judge – Jason D. Besler

Yes – 4,593

No – 1,882

District 6 Judge – Mary Elizabeth Chicchelly

Yes – 4,677

No – 1,804

District 6 Associate Judge – Angeline Johnson

Yes – 4,769

No – 1,700

District 6 Associate Judge – Casey D. Jones

Yes – 4,701

No – 1,772

District 6 Associate Judge – Russell G. Keast

Yes – 4,519

No – 1,936

District 6 Associate Judge – Cynthia Smith Finley

Yes – 4,692

No – 1,779