Letter to the Editor: Why I’m running in the 53rd District

People in the 53rd are probably getting tired of seeing me run in the 53rd House District. Poweshiek and Tama are represented in this district. With Dean Fisher giving up on public education, he quit and ran after the alarming school shooting, the timing of the new school in Tama sends a bad message. Just a couple months ago, I gave a packet to the principal in Tama outlining subliminal messages and how the corporate publishers are unfairly targeting schools. Then you have the paper mill closing, without a doubt a severe blow to the economic, social and moral identification of our region. With the hulking reputations of JBS, Bayer and Monsanto, I also was thrilled and exhilarated when I thought the last hold out for a socially responsible company is just downtown. Here with the closing, they’ve not only taken away the key but have thrown our kids’ future away. I for one am not going to put up with it. It’ll be a close fight, but get me in there, and there will be hell to pay.