Why Fisher is wrong about the Transgender bill.

Representative Fisher, Grassley, et al. are intending to push a transgender bill through the Iowa legislature. Similarly, Women for Liberty are zeroing in on the LGBTQ abuses that target our children in schools. The electorate see’s that several psychological associations say this will detrimentally affect our children in their feelings to convert to somewhere north of what gender they were born with. So, there’s a dichotomy of opinions, but there’s a third way. Just as Tic Toc is an influencer put out by the Chinese military-industrial complex, they throw out their ideas in an attempt to make America weak. The Chinese don’t even allow their own youth, except in a very limited sense, to access Tic Toc, and maybe not causally but correlation way for instance, our kids aspire to be social influencers and their kids to be astronauts and engineers.

Two words should be kept in mind depth psychology and cumulative effect. I asked Grassley’s father to ask the FBI laboratories to test textbook pages for subliminal advertisements. It’s a light ink that’s placed on paper, similar to a watermark. See The Age of Manipulation, page 51.

Grassley’s office, after a halfhearted attempt, gave up. The right-wingers have a point, but so does the other side. I asked the Tama Board of Supervisors to dig out the truth. If kids are being indoctrinated, it’s a wonder they feel they need a change. I believe the problem lies with the politicians and law enforcement, and the judicial system is the real purveyor of the confusion of our kids. They’re not doing their job. I just got through with a fourth lawsuit against the University of Iowa to get them to test textbooks. The transgender bill is the lazy man’s way out. I’ll run for either the 2nd Congressional district on the federal level or the 53 district next time, making this a number one priority. Given the fact I’ve written to Representative Fisher several times about this, he hasn’t even deemed it worthy to respond. He’s either ignorant or hypocritical or both.


John Anderson

Tama, Iowa