Letter to the Editor

Sheriff Dennis Kucera has served the citizens of Tama County for over 35 years.  Sheriff Kucera started as a Deputy Sheriff, then was elected in 2000 as the Sheriff of Tama County.  Sheriff Kucera has and will continue to serve the citizens of Tama County with honesty, integrity, and dignity.  The following list of names is only a small amount of law enforcement officers who are directly working for or have worked with Sheriff Kucera. Dennis Kucera, without a doubt, is the most qualified candidate for the position of Sheriff of Tama County.

The following people support Sheriff Kucera for re-election: Chad Hansen, Brian Randall, Trevor Killian, Rod Drummer, Joe Quandt, Luke Dvorak, Casey Schmidt, Travis Foster, Brandon Boldt, Neil Frizzell, Heath Brown, Jon Evans, Ron Pexa, Bruce Rhoads, Jody Droigk, Kaley Benda, Dan Quigley, Shawncey Day, Nathan Wunn, Kyle Howe, Cole Savage, Clay Morris, Jesse Brown