Says new middle school has positive impact

Letter to the Editor:

I am a retired educator who taught for 18 years at the STC Middle School. My two children graduated

from South Tama over 15 years ago. There is no benefit to me personally. But I am a strong proponent for a new facility for our students.

There can be no doubt that improved classroom space, modern accessible design, an innovative communication system, unlimited technology advantages, and a solid security system are just some of the benefits to our students as well as our teachers, administrators, and entire support staff.

My former principal, Les Koch, often used the phrase “What’s best for our kids “at our staff meetings. Those were his exact words. Whenever we discussed anything from grade level projects to changes in the curriculum to even field trips, what’s best for our kids was always one of his sticking points.

One of my favorite quotes came from a college football coach. I know I used it hundreds of times with my former students and basketball players. “When you get up and go out there today, you either get better or you get worse; you never stay the same.” The same applies to our communities. Let’s get better. Let’s show progress. Let’s show our students they matter to us.

What we have in front of us is an opportunity to come together in support of a new middle school that will have a positive impact for all of us.

Vote “YES” on March 3rd!

Larry Fletcher