STC Years of Service Awards

30 Years Melody Cole, Melanie Kemper, Pat McCoy, Seth Koch, Mary Mixdorf and Stan Avery (not pictured) Photos by Allison Graham
20 Years Tina Boldt, Jill Dilly, Kory Staff and Dawn Vest
15 Years Emily Chyma, Robert Tyynismaa, Chris Quigley, Charlene Willaby, Amy Parizek, Deb Llewelly, Amy Stewart and Elizabeth Weitzell
5 Years Elizabeth (Betty) Bonilla, Taylor Brown, Hannah Mullen, Bette Scheid, Amy Wade, Levi Klopping, Dan Kass, Chad Buck, Teresa Smith, Laura Taylor (not pictured), Gerald Vaske (not pictured) Tracy Glockl (not pictured), Stacy Leach (not pictured), and Dennis Novotny (not pictured).
10 Years Calvin Johnson, Ellen Moran, Chris McFate, Ashley Steven, Deanna Zmolek, Deb Lenhart (not pictured) and Troy Wanatee (not picturted)

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