Tama Library Report – July 2020

Library - Tama, IA

Popular Books to Adopt

The adopt a book program at the Tama Library allows you to order a book thorugh Julie at a discount, get the book before anyone else, have a sticker in the book noting you have donated, and take the expense as an income tax deduction. It is a situation good for you and for the library.

Some books coming out in July that you might want to adopt are as follows:

Cajun Justice by Patterson

1st Case by Patterson

The Order by Silva

Peace Talks by Butcher

Deadly Touch by Graham

A Walk Along the Beach by Macomber

Muzzled by Rosenfelt

Outsider by Castillo

Deadlock by Coulter

The Lost and Found Bookshop by Wings

How Lulu Lost Her Mind by Gibson

These are some of the library’s most popular authors, and if you adopt one of these books, you will not be on the waiting list to obtain it. Instead, you will be number one on the list