Chelsea students keep busy replacing street signs during COVID-19 restrictions

Lucas Van De Walle and Peyton Van De Walle work on replacing a stop sign on Station Street across from St. Joseph Catholic Church. Photos/Amy Walters
The new stop sign is erected. A total of 54 various new street signs were replaced.

The City of Chelsea is benefiting from a grant from the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Traffic and Safety Bureau’s program to replace damaged, worn out, obsolete, or substandard signs, and signposts.

In the fall of 2019, signs throughout Chelsea were identified for replacement, and during the month of April, council members Steve Van De Walle and Amy Walters have worked with their kids to replace 54 of the signs throughout town.

Signs replaced included those for railroad crossings, weight limits on roads and bridges, crosswalks, object markers, speed limits, as well as stop and yield signs.

Lucas, a sophomore at STC High School, and Peyton, an 8th grader at STC Middle School, have learned about pulling the old posts, attaching new signs, and resetting the signs while staying home during the pandemic.