New and adoptable books at Tama Library

If you are in need of a little humor and a few chuckles, you will enjoy Deacon King Kong by McBride that is new at our library. After an elderly deacon walks up to a drug dealer and shoots him, the action is much like the Keystone Cops. The drug king hires a hitman to kill the deacon, but the hit man’s attempts are thwarted by a series of accidents that result in injuries to the hitman’s head. All the characters in the book are lively and colorful to say the least. But among the humorous events and people, the book carries a life-affirming message.

Another new book is Chesapeake Requiem by Swift. This non-fiction work is by an author who lived for a year among the crab fisherman on an island in the Chesapeake Bay. They are hard-working people who are watching their land disappear into the ocean as geographical phenomenon and climate change causes the ocean to rise. Where there had once been homes, there is now 8 feet of water. Their livelihoods and homes could have only 25 years to survive.

This Tender Land by Krueger is the story of orphans who escape a cruel and unforgiving Indian Training School. As they flee, their journey takes them to a traveling revival show, a brothel, and close encounters with death – all the while being relentlessly pursued by authorities. The author has the skill to develop great characterizations and a plot that keeps the reader’s interest.

Adoptable books for August are as follows:

The Bounty by Evanovich

Choppy Waters by Woods

Cat Me If You Can by Miranda