Montour community club holds meeting

The Montour Community Club met July 20 with 12 members and 2 guests present.

The sec/treas reports were read and approved. Don Campbell, treasurer will be submitting the monthly finances to the city clerk monthly instead of yearly.

Appreciation was giving to Roger Stevesen, Skip Ridout, Bill and Sue Eberhart, Tim Sawyer, Steve Steveson, Roger Eberhart, Ron and Loma Green and their granddaughter Alexis and city of Montour for putting up the parking barrier, limb and tree removal, raking up the debris left from the tree work, and the donated gravel. Also a thank you went to Scharnwebers of Toledo for the use of equipment for putting the rope up for the flag.

There are still a few Montour t-shirts that are on backorder. There are no new orders being placed now. The proceeds will help with the purchases of making vinyl pictures from selected scenes old Montour buildings etc. that will be placed inside the center.

It was voted to put all donations for the vinyl siding into a “construction” account. Sue Eberhart and Geri Hoskey will oversee this account.

Sue Eberhart is in the process of writing up a letter to be sent out stating the history of our Montour center, what the building is being used for and the up coming construction project in hopes we can get donated monies to be used for these projects.

Loma Green shared her thoughts on a Mission Statement we could use, “the community building is for the people and families to gather in a safe and friendly atmosphere.”

Skip Ridout and Dave Heckman will be installing the new east side door at the center this week.

The volunteers for cleaning of the center will be Loma Green in August, Vicki Garske will follow with the cleaning in Sept. and October. Barb Stevesen has volunteered to help with the cleaning in November. Anyone that would like to help, please contact anyone of the members.

It has been noted to send “thank you “ cards to all the folks donating money to help with the ongoing projects being done at the center.

Bill and Sue Eberhart are the caretakers of the flowers and plants at the center. They didn’t think that they needed any extra help at this time.

It will be pointed out to the folks that are renting the center, that it would be appreciated they not place anything on the new repaired and painted walls using tape of any kind, tacks, pins, nails or command hooks. Geri Hoskey will contact the Toledo city clerk to see what their policy is. Sue Eberhart will get contact the clerk in LeGrand.

There was concern about the removal of the stumps left in the yard after cutting down the dead trees. Also mentioned was the bee problem around the building. It was noted that it will be discussed with the city on this matter.

It was reported that Skip Ridout, Roger Stevesen, Don Campbell, Ben Little and Geri Hoskey met with Dan Rathjen to have him write up a statement as to the ownership of the Montour center vs. the Montour Community Club responsibilities. The city will continue to pay for the utilities, snow removal, lawn care while the club will be in control of the maintenance, upkeep and proceeds from the rental of the building. Also noted that if the Montour Community Club should dissolve, it will then all be turned over to the city with the stipulation that all proceeds will go back into the upkeep and maintenance of the building.

The rental of the building will not take place until the number of Covid 19 has started to level off or decline. The Garage Sale will be delayed until the Spring of 2021.

With the resignation of Dustin Wright as president of the club, it was voted on that Skip Ridout would become the new President of the Community Club. He said he would accept the position but asked for all to continue working together as a community on any projects that may arise. All other positions have remained the same.

The next meeting will be held at the center on August 17th, 2020