STC track resurfacing project underway

Work on resurfacing the South Tama County track began Friday, July 31. The project is anticipated to be completed by the start of school. Allison Graham/News Chronicle

Several large ticket projects were and are in the process of being approved by the South Tama school board.

One of those projects is the STC track. Last week Midwest Track began by peeling off the old rubber. This week they are working on placing the new rubber.

The all weather track was originally installed in 2000. According to Steve McAdoo, Maintenance Supervisor, life expectency is typically 10-15. South Tama has now gotten 20 years use.

“In my opinion it was about 5 years overdue,” McAdoo said.

The maintenance staff has been tending to cracks in the track and has been using caulking to fill in those cracks for the past three years.

It wasn’t a long term fix and from a safety and cosmetic standpoint it wasn’t the best option.

The track will need to sit for a week with no one walking on it before the lines can be painted. McAdoo anticipates the project will be down by the time of the Powerade Bowl which is scheduled for Friday, August 21.

Save Dollars were used for the $123,900 project.