STC Archery Club competes at State Tournament

Olivia Bradley- 1st place overall Elementary Division- State Champion Photos provided

On Saturday, March 7 and Sunday March 8, 64 students from South Tama County Elementary, Middle, and High School traveled to Des Moines to compete in the 2020 Iowa State Archery Tournament.

The South Tama Archery Club was started 7 years ago through the National Archery in our Schools program, and has grown from 7 members originally to 83 participants in the 2019-2020 season.

This was the largest group to qualify for the State Tournament since the club began. There are two divisions in the program, a 3D division where the archers shoot at 3D animal models as their targets, and a bullseye division where the archers shoot at regular block targets. South Tama had teams qualify in both 3D and Bullseye.

The following are final team results, along with some individuals who finished in the top 10 in their divisions:


Hunter Caraccio finished in 11th place- High School Boys Division

In the 3D division the Elementary Team finished in 2nd place out of 5 teams.

Olivia Bradley with a score of 254 finished in 4th out of 30 Elementary Girls

Ava Boldt with a score of 252 finished in 5th out of 30 Elementary Girls

Emma Slifer with a score of 244 finished in 8th out of 30 Elementary Girls

Middle School

The STC Middle School bullseye team competed at the Archery State Tournament on Saturday, March 7 in Des Moines. Photo provided

The STC Middle School 3D team finished 19th out of 21 teams.

Timm Chandonia with a score of 280 finished in 6th place out of 161 Middle School Boys

High School

The STC High School team scored 3094 in the bullseye division and placed 32nd out of 33 teams.

Hunter Caraccio with a score of 289 finished in 11th place out of 404 High School Boys, and 12th place overall among 1090 boys.

The STC Middle School Team scored a total of 3137 in the bullseye division, putting them in 21st place out of 33 teams.

The STC Elementary Team scored a total of 2853 in the bullseye division- putting them in 5th place out of 11 teams.

Olivia Bradley with a score of 281 finished in 1st place out of 137 Elementary girls and 1st overall in the Elementary Division among 338 participants.