You’ll Figure It Out!: Dear graduate

John Sheda

Graduation time is exciting. And often scary, going from the familiar to the unfamiliar but there is absolutely nothing to fear because this column has come to save the day for you.

Being a South Tama graduate of 1969, I have learned some valuable experiences, (some positive, some negative), over the years. So after some 55 years out of high school, here is my sage advice to you.

This is number one: Be kind! Say things like, “thank you, I’m sorry, please, I’ll help you and have a nice day,” Genuine kindness opens many doors.

Learn to worry less, (a lot), and be happy more. Worry accomplishes nothing.

Get out of your comfort zone and get to know people. Be interested in others.

Make time for family. Celebrate as much of life with them as possible.

Remember that happiness is a choice.

Generally in life, most things seem to have a way of figuring themselves out on their own.

Don’t compare. Everyone’s journey is different.

Stop blaming others. It’s your life, you make the choices, you are responsible for the consequences.

Remember you are NOT the center of the universe. Not even close.

Many times you can not do anything about the “winds of change,” but you can always “adjust the sails.”

Play by the rules even if others don’t.

Find a mentor or two and be a mentor to someone.

Never give up. Tomorrow may just be your day. And if not tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow.

Don’t leave a birdie putt short. Heck, don’t leave any putt short. They seldom go in.

And finally, make your parents proud and live in such a way that the Preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral.

Here’s to all the preschool, junior high, high school and college graduates out there venturing forth into unchartered territory. Go with gusto and always know “You’ll Figure It Out.” Somehow, some way. Let me know of other advice to give our graduates at jsheda@indytel.com or calling me at 319.327.4640.