You’ll Figure It Out: John’s annual pet peeve article!

John Sheda

Finally! After a long and cruel winter, I’ve managed to lock a lot of things inside me, things that just frustrate and annoy me. Those little things are called “pet peeves.” Over the last month or so, I’ve asked a number of people those little annoyances that just bug the “bejeebers” out of our readers. And to be quite honest, you have lots of them. Here are just a few your pet peeves…

Tom, Susan, Roger & a whole slew of others absolutely hate those people that drive so slow in the left lane. The left lane they scream is for passing only!

Quite a few of the Tama News readers are not happy campers when people show up late. Not just fashionable late, but late, late, late.

And to even the score they are several that are not excited when you come early either.

Some can’t understand why you can’t answer your text messages. Mildred said, “I just don’t know if you got my text or not.” Please answer Mildred from now on, ok??

There are a couple of you that hate it when you interrupt their story with what you think is a better story. “Wait till I’m finished for gosh-darned sake.”

Several get a little tired of people out there who think it’s their personal responsibility to share their opinion, (as fact), to everyone, all the time.

Doesn’t it just “grind your gears” when people think they know more than you?

And is there anyone in the state of Iowa that doesn’t just love Caitlin Clark?

A whole bunch of you wonder why we place such high honor on celebrities & sports stars, (except Clark), and not on all of our VETERANS!!

What about you guys that drink that milk or juice right from the carton. Deb greatly dislike this, so I must be discreet when I do it.

Many many of the Tama News readers are quite disgusted if you don’t wash your hands AFTER using the restroom.

Finally there are a few of you that don’t like it when you don’t pick up after your dog.

Enough of you guys, here are several of my own pet peeves…

Folks, I’m not too fond of speed cameras. I think I’ve checked out just about everyone within a thirty mile radius and I understand their importance but I still don’t like them. Harrumph!

Don’t you just hate stupid commercials? And most commercials are just plain stupid.

Why can’t someone make a sleeve of saltine crackers that’s easy to open without making a mess all over?

Airplane seats!!! Do they just keep getting smaller and smaller?

People who might say to the above pet peeve that it just might be that I’m getting bigger and bigger. You know you were thinking it!!!

I’m confused about waving. Are you a “waver” or a “wavee?” Do you just automatically wave regardless of whether you know them or not?

Vapers! Just don’t get this one.

Habitual talkers who talk and talk and talk. Didn’t you notice my eyes rolling and my several yawns?

Reading directions. Is it a waste of time or not?

Telling a really funny joke and then needing to explain it to others.

Watching someone on the golf course making a super long putt and having to say, “Wow, great putt.” When deep down you hated that putt. Hmmm, maybe it’s just me.

Finally, it’s in the record books for the umpteenth time in a row. I still hate when you wear socks with your sandals. Just doesn’t make sense. Don’t do it!!

Well, I feel so much better now. Let me know a couple of your pet peeves at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319.327.4640