Decoration Day — Poppy Day!

Pastor Mike Nodland of the Christian Fellowship Church in Vining, IA.

As a kid, the last Monday of May was always called Decoration Day. We certainly didn’t shop, but instead stopped to honor the men and women who gave everything for our freedom. We went to the cemetery for the military services, walked past the fallen, placed fresh flowers and colorful wreaths on gravesites.

But do we realize that Memorial Day is not the same as Veterans Day? Memorial Day honors the military men and women who’ve paid for our freedom by dying in the line of duty, whereas Veterans Day honors all those who have ever served in the military.

Also only on Memorial Day, red poppies are worn as a symbol of remembrance for fallen military. Red Poppies became the symbol of our military dying as far back as 1915 when a military surgeon noticed the radiant red poppies blooming on a bloodied field filled with carnage. Writing a poem of what he saw in poetic form, it was published. From that inspiration rose the idea of selling poppies to raise money for widows, orphans, and veterans.

Friday, May 26 is National Poppy Day! Monday, May 29, 2023, is Memorial Day. Show your support! And may God Bless America!