Pastor Mike Nodland of the Christian Fellowship Church in Vining, IA.

My mom had “mom”-isms, pearls of wisdom meant for instruction which she readily applied to my many moments of idiocies — wasted axioms of truth on me.

One of the “mom”-isms was when I was scowling, she quipped, “Be careful, Mike, or your face will freeze like that!” Or her reminiscing, “When I was your age…” Or this scary prospect, “Mike, either you find something to do, or I will!” After doing something really dumb, she would say “What were you thinking? You weren’t raised by a pack of wolves!”

Some of her mom-isms struck me as not real perceptive, like the time she yelled, “Mike, you aren’t jumping on your bed, are you?” You know the answer to that question!

But mom was wise. When I wanted to skip school, I’d play the “sick act.” She’d shove a thermometer in my mouth; but I learned to make it lie! I’d press it alongside her hot coffee cup and watch the mercury rise. It worked every time until I dipped it in mom’s coffee mug and couldn’t get the temperature to shake down!

Mom’s gone, now, but her mom-isms live on! This Mother’s Day, appreciate your mom. She’s a gift from God, and He knows how to give good gifts! Happy Mother’s and Women’s Day!