Pastor’s Corner: Crazy Revenge!

Pastor Mike Nodland of the Christian Fellowship Church in Vining, IA.

Years ago, I worked as a counselor in a prison when an inmate I’ll call “Kerry” (not his real name) told me a very shocking…and yes, the sobering story of his life.

He and his wife had a high-needs daughter, putting an insurmountable strain on their marriage. Finally, they had it with each other and separated. In a custody battle, she won.

One night in a drunken rage, Kerry decided to even the score with his wife, hearing that she was with another man. Soused on whiskey, Kerry vowed revenge and went after her. Busting in the front door, a man came from the dark bedroom. Kerry angrily knocked him down and entered the bedroom, cursing. He grabbed her gown, pulled it over her head, tied it in a knot, and pushed her down!

Kerry was arrested and spent the night sobering up from his drunken stupor. The next day, he discovered he’d broken into the wrong house and was charged with several felony charges, putting him in prison for years!

The Bible says, “Be sure your sin will find you out…and the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ!” Confess, repent, and trust in Jesus today!

Mike Nodland

Christian Fellowship Church, Vining, IA