Pastor’s Corner: Haystack Sweating?

Pastor Mike Nodland of the Christian Fellowship Church in Vining, IA.

I read a story about an uncharacteristic young farm boy who was known to be somewhat lazy. But one warm summer day, that all changed as a salesman passed by.

The farmer boy was working feverishly on a hay mound, tossing pitchforks of hay over his shoulder…hay flying all over. His shirt was soaked in sweat, and drops of perspiration dripped from his chin.

Leaning over the fence, the salesman watched the boy in silence as he worked relentlessly. Finally, curiosity consumed the salesman, and he asked the young man, “Boy, you ought to take a rest…you’re going to kill yourself working that hard!”

The young farmer boy replied, “No! My father would hate me for that!”

“Oh, don’t be silly!” said the salesman, “Everybody deserves a break. Here! Take some cold water!” as he handed the young lad a cup. Again, the young man declined and worked all the harder on the haystack.

Surprised, the salesman stated, “Your dad must be a cruel driving taskmaster. Where’s he at, boy? I want to have a word with him!”

“Well,” said the young farmer boy, “He’s under this haystack!”

Don’t sweat it…rather, put your trust in God. He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, Who died for your sins. By trusting in Him, you have eternal life!

Mike Nodland – Christian Fellowship Church, Vining, IA