Pastor’s Corner: The Misunderstanding Mind of a 4-year-old!

Pastor Mike Nodland

A pediatrician had a 4-year-old in for a checkup. The doctor asked, “Do you have any questions?” The mother replied, “I don’t think so!” The doctor turned to the 4-year-old and asked, “How about you? Do you have any questions?” The child responded, “Yeah, have you ever hanged upside down from the ceiling like a bat?”

And there’s the conversation overheard in the men’s restroom. The father and 4-year-old are in separate stalls. Dad said to his 4-year-old, “Don’t take off all your clothes!” The son replied, “Okay!” Then the dad said, “Tell me when you are done.” After a pause, the son asked, “Are you taking off all of your clothes, dad?” The dad replied, “No, nobody does that!” The son said, “I do that!” The dad responded, “I know. That’s why I am telling you not to do that!” His son replied, “Okay!” A moment passed, and dad asked, “Are you done?” The son replied, “Yeah!” The dad said, “Come out then!” Suddenly it grew quiet. The son said, “I have to put my clothes back on!”

Make no misunderstanding about this: Jesus loves you–regardless of age…or sinfulness! Trust in Him today!

Mike Nodland, pastor

Christian Fellowship Church, Vining, IA