Pastor’s Corner: Flying Unfriendly Skies?

Flying airplanes used to be a rush of excitement as a kid but has become too unpredictable at my age. Just give me a tractor-mower, a full tank of gas, and a can of Dr. Pepper, and that’s about all the thrills I can take for one afternoon.

But imagine this true story. In August, an airline was boarded for a flight from Newark Airport to Denver, but stormy weather delayed the plane flight for three hours as it taxied around the field awaiting take-off. Because they had taxied too long according to flight rules, the plane was ordered to return to the terminal and then begin the whole process of taxiing again to take-off. However, the weather delayed them another three hours, and the plane began running low on gas.

Returning to the terminal again, the passengers disembarked for refueling. But before reboarding, they received an alert that their flight had been canceled, yet were told by the staff to reboard anyway! After reboarding and further delays, the flight was canceled altogether!

For a total of eight- and one-half hours, the passengers were detained and only given a cup of water and a tiny packet of cookies! Weather won’t delay the end of your life! What’s your flight plan look like? Trusting Jesus…or just taxiing around?

Rev. Mike Nodland

Vining Christian Fellowship Church, Vining, IA