That first presidential debate

John Sheda

I’m writing this column one day before the debate and you’re reading it several days after the debate. So, how did each one do? I surmise that President Trump was in “attack mode” and perhaps even some personal attacks, probably even bringing up Joe’s son, Hunter every now and then. On the flip side, former Vice President Biden talked about integrity, character and getting the “soul of the country” back as well as a few personal attacks also.

How am I dong so far? Was there a knockout punch? Probably depends on which side your on, right?

Remember the old movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World?” Do you also remember four years ago when Hillary Clinton was the “heir-apparent” to the White House and a brash, insulting Donald Trump, (with no political experience) stood on the podium with about 17 mostly polished political professionals? Talk about a mad mad world. Hillary was a shoe-in and Trump had no chance of out dueling seasoned political pros. But, “O Contraire.” Or however you spell it.

One by one the Republicans went down until it was just Donald Trump standing. Republican conservatives were simply just tired of professional political conservative rhetoric and nothing changing. A man emerged when the smoke cleared and the dust settled that he would make America great again. And whether you liked it or not——Make America Great Again worked. Boy, did it work. All the way to the White House it worked. It struck a chord throughout the United States.

Now here we approach the election of 2020. Is America tired of the antics of our current President? Can Joe lead the country? 2020 has been a crazy year and COVD has absolutely messed up just about everything in our lives. Which of these two men will lead us to the pot at the end of the rainbow? Who has the better strategy?

In the last Presidential election about 60% of eligible voters voted. Did you vote? Too busy? Didn’t care? Hated both candidates? Too lazy? Didn’t even know there was an election??? SO WHAT ABOUT THIS YEAR?? ARE YOU GONNA VOTE?

I think you should. I mean, I really think you should. Heck, if you’re not sure on who to vote for, give me a call at 319.327.4640 or email me at jsheda@indytel.com and I’ll give you my “objective” thoughts. Harumph!!