Pastor Mike Nodland

My wife and I celebrated 46 years of marriage last week and went to see my daughter and her family in Texas, who were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary.

I had a great time reconnecting with my 1 ½ year-old granddaughter. Finally, she had begun warming up to me, while having a great time grocery shopping-just her and I swerving the cart down the one-way virus control isles of Target when I stopped in a congested isle for one of those snack packs of 6 individual containers of applesauce. Grabbing a pack, I tossed it into the grocery store cart just for my granddaughter’s entertainment…but I missed the cart. The pack landed in the isle, broke open and began leaking. Instantaneously, my granddaughter yelled at the top of her lungs, “OH, NO!” Everyone turned to see what had happened.

There’s no covering up what I’d done…nor should there be. If we’re honest with ourselves, we try to cover up our wrongdoings. The Bible calls them sins, but also has the remedy for sin: Jesus Christ. The devil enjoys yelling “Oh, no!” pointing out our sins; but Jesus called out, “It is finished” and paid for them in full!