The biggest fool in Tama County!

Pastor Mike Nodland

Why do foolish things come so naturally? When I got my driver’s license, every car I got to drive, I wanted to see how fast it would go. And I-35 had flashing speed signs, meant to slow you down to the posted speed limit. Foolishly, I wanted to see how high I could get those signs to read.

Standing in water one time, I attempted to screw in a light bulb; but I inadvertently gripped the metal base as I tightened the bulb down into the socket. It gave new meaning to that hit song, “You Light Up My Life.” How foolish!

Another incident my wife shutters at the thought of, was when I climbed the outside of a three-story farmhouse to put up a TV antenna.

We’ve all done foolish things but prefer to keep that closet door closed. Yet the biggest fool in Tama County must be the fool who says in their heart, “There is no God!”

Suppose they’re right and I’m wrong. Then I will have had a happy life living above the level of mediocrity. But if I’m right and they’re wrong, well…they’ll be the biggest fool in Tama County!