Pastor Mike Nodland

Schooling at home for our children is probably one of the most stressful events for most parents during this virus outbreak. Thoughts plague the mind, such as “How do I make sure my kids are getting the education they need?” “I’m not qualified to teach them!” Etc.

Relax! You can do it! We home-schooled our children through high school. They played sports, we taught them driver’s ed and they were socially involved with others through church, 4-H activities and neighborhood friendships They survived! They got scholarships and went to college. And we thought we couldn’t do it, too.

But I’ve seen very educated people make incredible blunders in life. So, something is still missing-something you won’t get on the job, in school, on the web or on the streets! It cannot be legislated, injected, crammed into you or genetically woven into the genes.

A man named Solomon realized this; and by faith, he asked for it and got it–Wisdom! But one other thing King Solomon learned: Wisdom only comes from God. Smarts won’t get you to heaven, but wisdom will get you engaged with God, and His Son will save you!Jesus is the answer to every test in life!