Annual Pet Peeves Column

John Sheda

About once a year I have to clear my over-used brain of all the little stuff that really bugs me throughout the year. It’s my form of therapy, I guess. Simply put I call it my “Annual Pet Peeve’s Column.” Those little and perhaps not-so-little annoyances in life that bug the “bejeebers” out of us. Do you have any pet peeves? I have tons of them and will gladly give you some of mine if you need a few If only I were “Dictator of the World,” my list would be much more manageable. These pet peeves are not an exhaustive list….just barely scraping the surface.

So in no particular order here are SOME of my Pet Peeves…

Hearing the political opinions of famous people and movie stars. “Jim Carey, we don’t care what you think.”

Continuing with movie stars for a bit…………..Stop all the “self-adulating” Award Shows. Do you notice their ratings???

Why do people take pictures of their breakfast, dinner, lunch or supper and share on Facebook? Do we really care what you’re eating?

ALL COMMERCIALS! Especially “Emu-Limu” or whatever it is. Or the half human/ half motorcycle guy. Really?

Speaking of commercials, why do I have to sit through them in movie theaters???? Geeeeesh!

And by the way, TV commercials really are louder. They ain’t supposed to be, but they are!!!

Why do people wear their caps backwards? Is there really a reason? Come on……………is there???

Ever notice when someone’s telling a story and every once in a while they say “right?” How would I know, it’s your story!!!!

People who leave their dog poop everywhere and anywhere. I know who you are!!

And what about people that leave you a message to call them back and “speed-saying” their number. Hey, hey…….slow down.

Habitual whiners and complainers! Yea, I mean you and you and you!!

People that treat their waitresses like slaves. Come on, give ’em a break and give ’em a big tip. You’ll feel better!!

Ever notice those people that pass you on the interstate and then seemingly slow down. Grrrrrrr.

Like I said, these are just the “tip of the ice-berg” for me. What about people that are always late? Eating your French Fries? Driving away from a fast food place and NOT getting all your order! But here’s my Numero Uno, (number one), pet peeve………………………………………PEOPLE WHO WEAR SOCKS WITH THEIR SANDALS!!!! WHY? WHY? WHY????? Let me know what you think at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319.327.4640.

What are some of YOUR pet peeves????