“Noah, the corona virus and a new normal”

Pastor Mike Nodland

What’s fascinating about the description of the Flood of Noah’s time in the Bible is that many ancient cultures described the same experience in amazing detail!

Noah was spared his life, along with his immediate family; but they had to be “self-quarantined” for about 365 days on the Ark. Someone might ask, “Who were the first two off of Noah’s ark?” “The Road Runner and Wiley Coyote?”-Not! It was Noah’s Raven and the Dove!

If Noah could use our contemporary words, how might he have described those final days before they exited the Ark? After all that time on a boat filled with animals of all kinds, did Noah realized that “sheltering in place” has its benefits, but now it was time for a little “social distancing?”

Yet even when Noah left the Ark to walk on dry land once again, there was a new normal: God gave him a new, fresh start! Everything had become newthe old had passed away! When you trust Jesus for eternal life, you become a new creation in Him.

All the old passes away. Spiritually speaking, what would a “new normal” in Christ look like for you?