Well, what’s new? It’s Easter Time!

John Sheda

Do you remember that old movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World?” Or how about those old TV shows, “The Twilight Zone” or “Outer Limits?” Ever wonder if

you can hear Rod Serling’s haunting remark, “You’re now entering the Twilight Zone?” And it’s all “you know who’s” fault!! Right? We knew, we just knew that it was all too good to be true. Oh well, enough of that!!

So what y’all been doing? No church, no shopping or going to the movies, no dining out, can’t visit the neighbors, all sports are kaput………….and the beat goes on. Deb and I can pretty much act out most of the old Andy Griffith’s shows. I play Barney and Deb’s Thelma Lou. They’re more fun than Andy and Helen. Interesting fact about that show….just about everyone in the show is single except Otis and he’s the town drunk. Hmmmmmm.

We’re kinda in to Netflix, which I have no idea what it is except that they have a lot of good movies, so we try to limit ourselves to one new movie each night. We don’t wanna run out in case this ‘virus-thing” continues for months and months and months.

That won’t happen…………will it? Anyway, we really struggle with what kind of movie to watch. I’m sort of fascinated by horrible dictators and killers, such as Son of Sam, Ted Bundy and any Nazi movie. Deb likes disaster movies such as earthquakes, tornadoes, tusuamis, etc. So picking a movie takes a while. I go by the old thought, “happy wife, happy life.” Sometimes!!

Well, I’ve digressed for sure. I actually wanted to wish everyone a beautiful and wonderful Happy Easter from the Sheda’s to all of you. I’ve been having Church on Facebook the past several weeks and you are all invited to join me this coming Sunday, April 12 for Easter With The Shedas. No physically of course. Through the magic of Facebook.

Our church page is called Living Water Church, Indee and if you tune in at 10:30 am, you will see………….well……………ah…………..er………………….ME. If you promise to watch, I will even wear a tie. Just for you. Let me know if you’re gonna watch at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319.327.4640. Love to hear from you. HAPPY EASTER!!