A cow and a tomb!

Pastor Mike Nodland

At 5 years old, my son came charging in the house one evening from the farmyard, all excited and yelling for me to come outside and see what he’d just seen. He had me watch the moon. So, I watched and watched; but I didn’t see anything. I asked him what I was supposed to see. He told me to be quiet and watch ’cause he’d just seen the cow jump over the moon! Based on that one witness, I craned my neck to see what no one else had ever seen; but I never got to see a cow even come close to the moon.

How many witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Count them: a shocked Mary Magdalene, frightened women returning from Jesus’ tomb, incredulous Peter and doubting Thomas, the baffled Emmaus disciples, the skeptical apostles, seven by the Lake of Tiberias, a multitude of 500 on the Galilean mountain and James!

And why the coverup by the authorities and hostile religious leaders of Jesus’ time? Why the hush money and fleeing of the guards?

I believe in Jesus and His empty tomb, not the cow and the moon!