What’s a sports junkie to do???

John Sheda

News Flash! News Bulletin! All Live Sports Cancelled Till Further Notice!!! No Big 10, Big 12, Little 10, or even Small 6 tournaments?

No NCAA Basketball Tournament Office Pools?

People might actually get some work done!!

No standing around the water cooler mesmerized by all the upsets the day before. Sweet Sixteen? Hah! Elite Eight? Phooey! Final Four? No More!!

But wait, there’s more…..or I mean, less! No more Spring Training Baseball Games!!! Opening Day for Major League Baseball delayed. Delayed? What do ya mean…..Delayed???? How long? There just might be some crying this year in baseball! No College Wrestling Championships! But, but, but…………………Nope, nope, nope No NHL games anymore! And no NBA games, (who cares here).

Ok, ok………….let me stop for a second. Catch my breath. My whole body’s shaking. Getting dizzy. Feverish. Sweating profusely. Coronavirus??? No……….”Live-Sports Withdrawal Syndrome.” otta sit down for a minute or two. Oops, already sitting. The room’s spinning!

I’m better now. Just took a little time. Last weekend I turned the TV on, just from habit, and started watching the Players Championship Golf Tournament. I watched it for about 30 minutes or so and was enjoying myself immensely, (well as much as you can watching golf), when I realized that everything had been cancelled. Wait a second! Dog-gone it, I was watching last year’s Players Championship. Geeze Louise, only thing worse than watching golf on TV is watching a “re-run” of golf on TV.

Egads man……………….I’m in some kind of Twilight Zone TV show. Probably a re-run of that too. It’s downright eerie! Last night I even had a dream that UNI, Iowa, Drake, and Iowa State were in the Final Four. And I was court side announcing the game. Lute was coaching the Hawkeyes, Johnny Orr was with the Cyclones, Ralph Miller was in charge of the Panthers and Tom Davis was barking out orders to the Bulldogs.

What a Final Four!!! The excitement was so intense that just as Mark Gannon was getting ready to convert on a one and one with no time left, I realized I forgot to buy some toilet paper, which woke me up with quite a start. Geesh, what’s the big deal about toilet paper, I thought, but by then the dream was over and it was all for naught. But it seemed so real.

So now what? How about a scrabble tournament at my house? Anyone play Euchre? Cribbage? Spoons? Or come on over and we can watch re-runs of Columbo, Perry Mason or Bonanza. Oh, oh………..what about ‘Geezer Golf?” No No No! That can’t happen…………….or can it??? Am I really entering the Twilight Zone? But before I do, I better make a quick stop and pick up some toilet paper. Be about my luck that toilet paper will be cancelled too………until further notice.

Let me know how you’re all doing at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319.327.4640.