“Who’s afraid of Mr. Horn?”

Pastor Mike Nodland

Growing up on a farm, my school bus driver, Mr. Horn, scared me! He looked mean and had, very strict rules. He made us sit in our seats, not move about and watched us like a hawk. He made us be quiet and not mess with other riders.

I recall one incident just before Christmas. I was about six years old, riding home on the bus, carrying my presents from the gift exchange at school that day. A high schooler started messing with me. In the end, he weaseled all my Christmas presents from me. Mr. Horn stopped to let this kid off at his farm but wouldn’t open the bus door.

Then he turned to the kid with looks that could kill, told the kid he couldn’t get off the bus until he gave back to me the presents he’d taken. Wow! Mr. Horn was watching out for me!

Mr. Horn represented fear, to megood, healthy fear. I was afraid of the very person in whom I should trust. Fear seems to have gripped our nation in recent day. From where does that fear come? Lack of trust in the One Who can be trusted: God!