The Fork In The Road

John Sheda

Yogi Berra is famous for his “Yogisms,” his ways of stating or misstating things throughout his life. I guess he once said that when in life you come to a “fork in the road, you should take it.” Interesting thought perhaps but as we all know quite impossible. One has to go one way or the other. Just taking it is not an option. Thus the “yogisim” humor of his statement. But there could be soon a time in all of our lives when the “Fork In The Road” question will require some serious considerations as to which way we go. We will have to choose.

On November 3, 2020, “we, the people” will speak. Our vote will speak volumes and speak loudly.

On the one hand, we already know who the candidate for the Republican Party will be. Donald Trump of course will be up for re-election. There is no middle ground with President Trump. You either love him or hate him, for the most part. You may or may not agree with his mannerisms, brashness, pomposity, his propensity for nick-names and so on and so forth. There are tons of stuff one can hate about our President, but he is a man that gets results. You may not like the results but he does get them. And yes, sometimes not in a way that is conducive to the way you’ve been brought up. Those who voted for him back in 2016 did so knowing full well who he was and what he was like. And he wants 4 more years.

Now at the time of this writing, Senator Bernard, Bernie, Sanders is in the lead of the Democratic Party to challenge President Trump this coming November 3. It might not turn out that he is the candidate to face Mr. Trump, but for his candidacy, so far, so good. He reminds me a little of President Trump because he is leading a movement-a strong movement, just like Trump did in 2016. I really like the “fire in his belly” personality and the fight he so strongly believes in. And the “Feel the Bern” movement is gaining momentum.

I don’t know all the “ins and outs” of the political world, but this coming November 3, “We the People” will have a clear choice of opposites. We will choose. And if it’s not Bernie, the differences between the other Democratic candidates are not that far apart in their individual platforms, the choice will still be very much opposite of President Trump.

So next November, we all, (you are gonna vote, aren’t you?), will enter that little voting cubicle and come face to face with the fork in the road. nd the American people will decide which direction we wish our country to move. If one ever needed to pray, between now and next November would be an excellent time to start. Let me know what you think at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319.327.4640. Me? You want to know what I think? Haruumph! I’m not smart enough to figure it all out. I’m just a “one-issue” voter. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Yankee, Cub or even a Viking, I simply want to know……………….ARE YOU PRO-LIFE OR NOT????