My “Kind-Of, Sort-Of, Bucket List”

John Sheda

Ever since that movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman a few years back, a lot of people began formulating their own “bucket list.” Have you? Nah, me either. But low and behold, I do have what might be known as a “Kind-Of, Sort-Of Bucket List.”

Doesn’t make sense I know but seldom do any of my articles make much sense. At my church when I’m preaching, people just say “John’s rambling again.” The spirit of rambling seems to get a-hold of me quiet often…….which is why I write a column. And I thank the Tama News for allowing me to exercise that rambling spirit on a weekly basis. I am amazed as is Deb. Deb is really amazed. “Can’t believe it kind of amazed.” Anyway here is some rambling & random items on my “kind-of, sort-of bucket list…

I received my very first unsolicited personal “letter to the editor” last week. By unsolicited, I mean Mr. Davenport wrote the letter from his own volition. I’ve had two other letters written about me over the years ; one being from my wonderful brother when I first started this column endeavor and the other one in which I saw a friend and he said he enjoyed my columns so I told him it would be commendable for him to write a letter to the editor saying as such. And he did.

Now what I would like to have happen is for my name to be an answer to a newspaper crossword clue. Have you ever thought of having your name be the answer to a crossword clue? I think and dream of things like that.

I would like to sky dive. Not really, but I would actually like to tell people I’ve sky dived and how much fun it was. And maybe even a picture of me in a parachute.

I would love to spend on summer just driving around visiting little “oddities” around Iowa such as visiting the largest frying pan in the world in Brandon, the future birthplace of Captain Kirk in Riverside, the hobo museum in Britt, the ice cave in Decorah, the Grotto in West Bend, ( I did visit), the Maharishi University in Fairfield, the Buddy Holly crash site in Clear Lake, the 262 swinging bridge in Columbus Junction, the Silver Dollar in Chelsea and on and on and on. And maybe even spend the night at the Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca.

Speaking of the Silver Dollar in Chelsea…………….Sure wish we could get the old Chelsea Gang together for one evening at……….of course, The Silver Dollar. Lot of fun.

Like to get a “hole-in-one” sometime. Heck. I’d like to just get a par every now and again.

Well there’s more but I noticed your eyes drooping a little bit and there’s been a yawn or two so I better stop rambling for this week. So my advice this week is to not take any advice from a guy with a rambling spirit. Let me know what your “kind of, sort of” list looks like at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319.327.4640. Hello Mr. Hanna