Toledo Farmers Market

Dawn Troutner

Clip and Save

It’s that time of year, time for the Toledo Farmers’ Market to start. The Toledo Farmers’ Market season runs May 4th-October 26th, Fridays from 5-7pm on the east side of the courthouse square in downtown Toledo rain or shine.

Toledo has a great market. All of our vendors grow the produce, make the product, or bake the bakery that is sold there. Vendors are assigned a parking spot that is theirs for the season. This makes it easy for you the shopper, to find your favor vendor. There will be a clip and save ad in the local newspapers the first of every month to remind you to attend the market.

Our market is a certified market to accept the Farmers Market Nutrition Program coupons such as, WIC coupons and Senior FMNP coupons. In order to be certified the market needs to operate a minimum of two consecutive hours each week for a majority of weeks of the season, June 1 through October 31. Have a minimum of three eligible certified vendor’s indicating intent to participate in the farmers market for the majority of weeks of the season. And post the market hours and days of operation. But they must also follow market rules. Such as, no sales can be made prior to the whistle blowing. The whistle will blow at 5pm according to the courthouse clock. There are also rules to follow according to the local, state, or federal authorities. Some of these require appropriate licensing from these authorities. Wild Morel mushrooms can only be sold at a farmers market if the guide lines are met. Each Morel must be inspected and found to be safe by a “certified Morel mushroom identifications expert.” The Toledo Farmers’ Market has two certified Morel mushroom identification experts. The seller of the Morel mushrooms must have a Farmers’ Market potential Hazardous Food License or a Mobile Food License.

So as you can see there are a lot of things to make a market tick. Be sure to mark your calendars and come out to the Toledo Farmers’ Market and see your favorite vendor, or make friends with a new vendor. Let’s have a great market season.