People Are Weird

Call it what you will; weird, strange, eccentric, uncommon, bizarre or just plain crazy, but we human beings have our own personal idiosyncrasies. Except me of course. Everything about me is normal. But everyone else is different. But to be fair, being different is what makes living amongst each other so interesting. So,what exactly is different? Or weird? Someone once told me that a fanatic is someone who believes something more arduously than you do.

Democrats see Republicans as strange and Republicans see Democrats as weird. Men look at the world much differently than women. After all, we are from Mars, right? And women are from Venus, I guess. And I look at the world much differently now than when I was younger. It’s all about perspective and personal taste. Oh, speaking of taste, does anyone enjoy ketchup on their cottage cheese. I loved that as a kid and was excited to find out that a certain President also enjoyed it. But I tried it again several years ago and apparently that taste bud left.

Some love cold pizza, some don’t. One of my brothers used to make mashed potato sandwiches. Last night, my daughter put peanut butter on a stick of celery. Yuck! I don’t do it anymore but used to carefully peel off the crust from my bread or toast in order to refrain from eating it. Until Mom told me that it’s the crust that makes you good looking. But I must have started too late. Now there are people walking around today who, when eating “M&M’s or Skittles,” eat them in some kind of color code. That is strange. However, I do try to eat the red ones first.

How do you read a magazine? I usually go from back to front. I have absolutely no idea why. It makes no sense whatsoever. And we all know people, (you also know who you are), who are either always late or always early. Which one are you? Which do you detest more? How do you kiss? Eyes closed or open? Now any further with kissing, we would have to set up guidelines such as who, when and where, so enough on that. I keep them open though as I like to check Deb out.

Speaking of Deb, I called and asked her what some of her weird habits were as I thought it better not insert any without her permission. I have been down that road before and it’s no fun. She thought for a minute or so and then calmly reminded me that she married into the Sheda Family and the Sheda motto is “Your Weird is our Normal.” She then proceeded to rattle off a few of the Sheda descendents over the years to prove her point. She did!! My Dad couldn’t eat anyone else’s cooking except Mom’s. Just couldn’t do it. Eating in a restaurant was practically impossible for him…..or wait, was he just cheap??? Anyway, he couldn’t do it, yet he could shear a sheep, fix up a pig or clean the manure around the ranch and then grab a baloney sandwich he brought from home and enjoy it. Why? ‘Cuz Mom made it for him!!!

So, do you at your home, eat lunch and then dinner or do you eat dinner and then supper? And is it breakfast or brunch? At church last Sunday, one of the kids handed me some pickled flavored sunflower seeds. How weird is that? What is your favorite snack? I love sea-salt and vinegar potato chips!! And cheetos. And doritos. Now here’s a good question for you—be honest now—have you EVER tried to close the refrigerator door to see if the light really goes off???? You have, haven’t you? Me too. Do you blush easily? What’s your laugh like? Is it a little “tee-hee” or a big “Ga-faw?” Are you a risk-taker or not?

Yepper, we’re all different. We see the world differently, yet for the most part we all co-exist agreeably. Speaking of being different, try changing to plain yogurt instead of sour cream. Oh, and if anyone challenges you, (“I dare you”) to put yellow mustard on a dish of ice cream…..don’t do it.

That’s The Way I See It. Let me know what you think at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319-334-4117