Sheda’s Law

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law? Of course you have, but who the heck is Murphy anyway and did those crazy things really happen to him……or her? Do you have some strange laws that have governed your life over the years. Things that just always seem to go wrong or at least awry. Things, that if you’d just planned a bit more or just planned at all, would never have happened. Things that happened that you just wished you could have those last five minutes back. It’s the story of a Sheda’s life………..or at least mine. Here are a few “Sheda’s Laws.”

It’s stated that if anything can go wrong it will. That’s a given with me. In fact, if there is absolutely no way anything can go wrong, it still will!!

No matter how many tools I have, I won’t have the one I need at the time.

If something I actually fixed seems to be working correctly, I obviously overlooked some very important and expensive thing that needed fixed first.

If the directions say it will take no tools and only 15 minutes to put together will actually be an afternoon and part of an evening for me and I will need a certain tool that I do not have.

When you set out to do something—something else in which you didn’t plan for will actually have to be done first.

I am a lane changer in traffic and when I change lanes, that lane suddenly comes to a halt.

And if I try to outsmart the traffic gods and stay in the initial lane, then that lane suddenly comes to a halt.

On a golf course, no matter how cold or rainy it is……I always get behind a slow group. Even if there are only two groups on the course.

If I drop something, it without fail, rolls, bounces, carries or slides to the furthest possible place to reach it.

I know the old saying that I found it in the last place I looked, but why, oh why, was this last place the 43rd place????

It seems every time I buy something of any value, that item comes up for sale in a week or so at 50% off.

My great ideas are never remembered, but a stupid silly mistake I make is never forgotten

If a whole bunch of things can go wrong but probably won’t—–they most certainly all will.

The vending machine sees me coming and usually refuses to either give me my change or give me the pop—or both!!

I learned to juggle somewhat years ago. One time I showed off juggling eggs. It didn’t work the first time….or the second or even the third. Which leads me to this conclusion; Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. It took four broken eggs but I finally juggled them.

Someone will always tell or show me a much easier way to do something—-after I’ve already done it the hard way.

I have many more so at the very least, my life is a challenge every single day. I have a whole list of vacations that have gone awry. But let me know if any of these laws rang a bell with you or perhaps you have ones of your very own. My lips are sealed (with super glue). Let me know at jsheda@indytel.com or call me at 319-334-4117.