Letter to the Editor: Vote for Mark Doland, Supervisor, District 4

We support Mark Doland as candidate for District 4 Supervisor, and urge you to vote DOLAND in the upcoming June 4th Primary. For anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is abundantly clear that our County is desperate for leadership in our Board of Supervisors, and Mark Doland is exactly the man for the job. Mark has an immense amount of knowledge as to how a strong conservative leader can turn our county around for positive changes for all taxpayers. Mark knows the intricacies of how county government works, and the perils that can befall a county with lax leadership. Mark has experience as a County Supervisor and has many ideas he is anxious to implement that would benefit Tama County now and well into our future. As citizens and voters in Tama County, we now have a unique opportunity to vote for conservative leaders that will work hard to make Tama County stronger than it has ever been. Mark will listen to the voters of Tama County, and govern with a common-sense approach. Please vote DOLAND in the June 4th primary.

Dennis and Nancy Yuska

Rural Traer