Opera Iowa’s Beauty and the Beast by Andre Gretry

Toledo PEO Chapter DF is proud to sponsor Opera Iowa’s Beauty and the Beast by Andre Gretry Friday, March 10, at 7:00 p.m. at the Wieting Theatre and would like to invite the community to this event. Opera Iowa uses a more traditional version of the story of Beauty and the Beast. Belle and the Beast will, of course, take center stage. The other characters in this version are Belle’s father, Marcel, an ambitious merchant, and Belle’s two selfish and rather nasty sisters. Also, a major character is The Spirit of the Rose, the Beast’s advisor. After losing his ship at sea, a very upset Marcel wanders the woods, trying to think of a solution to his financial disaster when he is captured by the enchanted woods. Belle’s father sees all of the Beast’s castles and riches after Belle rescues him from the woods. When he returns home, Marcel tells his other two daughters of the treasures awaiting them in the castle, and they all three plot on how to steal it from the Beast. Along the way, the father and his two other daughters learn valuable lessons, among them that kindness is more important than riches.

After the 90-minute show, a reception will be held in the Wieting’s Event Center, with the actors attending in character and full costume to meet their audience. We encourage the audience members to dress in costume as well. The house will open at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $12.00 for students. Tickets may be bought in advance from State Bank of Toledo sites and Lincoln Savings Bank, as well as half an hour before the movie on February 24 and 26 and March 3 and 5 at the Wieting. All proceeds after expenses will go to the Wieting Theatre to help reduce the Phase II debt.

PEO Chapter DF hopes to see many of you there to enjoy a great performance and a timeless story and to help us support the Wieting Theatre.


The 2023 Opera Iowa Project/Wieting Theatre Committee

Mary Fasse- Shaw, Charlene Kenkel, Kim Nelson

A Project of PEO Toledo Chapter DF