Voting is a Civic Duty

November 8th, we have a civil duty to vote. We must make our voices loud and clear that the America that we are living in is not the America that we desire. Failing to send a clear message by leaving this country in the hands of the current majority will have devastating consequences for generations to come. Inflation is at a 40-year high, gas prices are rising, families are spending more on groceries, and crime rates have skyrocketed. Mental health services are scarce when mental health crises grow, especially in rural areas. With all the current issues plaguing our great nation, the democrats don’t want to talk about the solutions to problems. The message from the majority party is that we need to print more money, close down the pipelines that allowed us to be energy independent, support the radical transgender movement allowing the sexualization of our children from groomers, and enable obscene materials in our classrooms and libraries. We are called bigots, racists, or homophobes if we object to any of these policies. The far left has hijacked the democrat party. Democrats used to talk about the economy, education, and the hardworking workers in unions. At one time, I was a Democrat. Many people asked me why I left the democrat party. My reply is that the democrat party left me…years ago. This is no longer the party of greats like Kennedy. It is the party of radicals like Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, and Pelosi. If the democrat party has left you, I encourage you to send a strong message and vote for republicans all the way down the ballot. Our country depends on it. There is a red wave coming, and it is turning into a tsunami. Join us as we take back our country on November 8th!


Mark Doland

Chairman, Tama County Republicans