Letter to the Editor

I cannot express the deep and immeasurable joy I felt when I read Mr. Todd’s letter. It is truly wonderful to know that Mr. Todd denounces whoever threatened the lives of those who were, at the time, council members and mayor. That anonymous entity he denounces as “cowardly.” I believe it is also vital to add the word “dangerous” as whoever was being a coward was also being dangerous, having a gun and threatening to kill people. His condemnation does not explicitly state those cowards should not have guns. It seems perhaps to be implied. At any rate, Mr. Todd has now openly stated his view of anonymous threats which shows him to be a principled man. Also, I feel safe in assuming that Mr. Todd, a true man of God, is speaking only figuratively when he suggests that those cowards could “go out and play in traffic” for all he cares. Considering his strength in his faith, I’m sure Mr. Todd cares about all of us – even the cowards. I also don’t want to be hurt in traffic or in any other way. I only want whoever put forth those threats and others like that person to be denied any access to a gun. -Anne Michael Tama