Letter to the Editor

In response to Anne Michael’s April 9th letter:

Anne Michael needs to get her facts straight. She’s an elected politician now and for her to falsely accuse and make assertions of me (a private citizen) is bordering on libel. I’m minding my own business out here and Anne Michael brings up history from “years ago” to besmirch me just to push her fear-mongering agenda. It’s important to be very sure of your facts when you call people out.

I will present the facts. In 2014 Tama wanted to ban guns in city buildings. I wrote explaining that it was illegal to do so. I went on to explain that criminals don’t obey laws and you are only punishing law abiding citizens, but mostly– it’s illegal, according to Iowa code 724.28.

They had a reading of the resolution. I showed up to reiterate that it’s illegal for them to do so and that I would sue if they did and I would win.

In the mean time an organization caught wind of it called the IGO (Iowa Gun Owners), and it was the IGO that waged a phone assault on council members. I was not any part of it. I denounce it. I don’t need anonymous, low class tactics. The law and logic were on my side. I did not tip off the IGO. I had nothing to do with it. They distracted from the issue. I was not, am not, nor ever will be a member of the IGO. IGO can go play in traffic for all I care. I was not aware of phone assaults, threats or flyers. Also Anne Michael associates me with the NRA. The NRA is just a stupid buzzword anymore. The NRA was not involved whatsoever in the issue, but for the record, I am not, have not, and never plan on being a member of the NRA.

Again, I denounce the cowards who called or threatened. It is a true shame. I am mortified that anyone would associate me with it. I showed up, in person, man to man, with law and logic, and talked reasonably. I don’t need cowardly tactics. Whoever called anonymously that day was a coward. I have to put up with cowardly psychos from time to time, but they are usually insignificant people trying to make themselves relevant, and I don’t use anonymous low class tactics.

I also don’t dredge up history out of the blue of someone who’s minding his own business to further a personal agenda (hint, hint –leave me alone).

Anne Michael needs to get her facts straight. She’s an elected official now and needs to act like it, she can’t just spout off willy nilly, especially about a private citizen minding his own business. Leave. Me. Alone. Don’t raise taxes for do-goody pet projects and don’t make illegal, illogical rules and you won’t hear from me. Don’t start none, won’t be none.

Adam Todd

Rural Tama