Letter to the Editor

There once was a farmer who had a huge farm that was successful. Beautiful crops, productive land, riches for the farmer and his family.

All went well for many years until the hogs starting taking over. They grew bigger and bolder. As they ate all the crops they rooted up the land because that’s what hogs do. Hogs Chuck, Nan, Eric were of a different breed than Mitch, Mitt, Liz but they were still hogs. After some time they had rooted up the farm and it became a stinky swamp. The farmer had to borrow grain and oil from his neighbor, even though he knew his neighbor wanted his farm.

One day a man called Don showed up and told the farmer he could tame the hogs and save the farm. He was told no and go away.

Four years later the man called Don showed up again. At this time the farm Don to clean it up. Don took over, he kicked the hogs out and slowly the farm started producing again. One of the hogs – Mitch helped Don. After 3 years the farm had corn and beans growing. There was prosperity. Then in the 4th year a famine hit. Don was blamed. Mitch said it was all Don’s fault so Don was banished and all the hogs came back and started rooting again. As the Donald left he told Mitch “beware I’ll be back as millions of working people support me. They know you are a big fat hog that loves the swamp.”