Letter to the Editor

The Future?

It is in the 3rd Month of Harris-Biden winning the election along with taking the House and the Senate.

Six seats were added to the SCOTUS.

Amy Klobuchar was named Chief Justice by a 10-5 ruling. The 2nd Amendment was replaced by a revised 2nd Amendment. Beto O’Rourke was named the Gun Czar and will enforce a new law that “all” citizens go to the Post Office and give them a list of all the guns we own with our names and addresses. All semi-auto rifles and shotguns will have to be surrendered.

Also a ruling that life begins when the government says it begins.

Under God is taken out of the Pledge.

The Catholic Church must change its stance on abortion or lose its tax exemption.

Acting President Harris (President Biden was declared unfit under the 25th Amendment) has started phasing out gas engines and appointed AOC as Renewable Czar. So you must have a windmill or solar power or have your electric cut off. Coal was declared an invasive species.

By a 15-0 vote California was gifted to Ms. Pelosi.

Tony Sheda

Wrenshall, Minn.