Letter to the Editor

What qualities do I expect from my president? One who does not turn service departments like the CDC and the FBI into political arenas. One who doesn’t resort to dirty tricks (or help from other countries) to win an election. One who will preserve Medicare and Social Security, not destroy them as the current president wants to.

One who wants health coverage for ALL citizens! Not just repeal what we already have with no replacement. One who does not mock disabled persons, as the current president has done. One who does not praise white supremecists and members of QAnon.

One who protects us from pandemics, believes the scientists, doctors and other experts and takes their advice. One who does not suggest that we could drink bleach to cure disease.

One who does not believe that exploding tree cause forest fires or wind turbines cause cancer. One who does not declare “fake news” when a tape of his own voice has been heard over and over. One who does not have untold numbers of lawsuits for various sexual abuses pending in the courts.

One who understands that not testing for a disease does not mean the disease is not there!

One who does NOT keep unknown numbers of children in cages/dog kennels, many of whom will never be reconnected with their parents. One who respects our men and women of the armed services and doesn’t call them “losers” and “suckers”.

One who surrounds himself with people who are NOT felons and other criminals who wind up in prison. One who has empathy for the citizens of this country and tries to lift them up, not trample them down even further.

One who does NOT use our own armed forces against peaceful protesters. And NOT one who, after a religious group prayed for him stated, “That was a bunch of BS! How can anyone believe that BS?”

I would love to have a president that is compassionate, caring, gives honor to those that merit it, thinks about someone other than himself, and someone who will bring pride back to this country. I want to wake up in the morning NOT wondering what idiotic tweets happened last night. I want to be able to believe what he says because he is an honorable man, not a con man grifter. I would like for the next four years to be calmer, without all the drama we have endured for the last four years. THAT IS WHAT I WANT!! WHAT ABOUT YOU?