Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

I was very pleased that President Trump announced our troops in Afghanistan would be brought home by Christmas. We have been there so many years, and to have an entire family together for that day would be a blessing. However, I watch CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and public television’s “News Hour.” Only public TV gave “the rest of the story.”

First, the decision came with no consultation with the military leaders in the area, those who actually know the situation the best. Also, the logistics of doing this removal is complicated, and there is concern that the timeline is too short. It is highly possible that our weaponry would have to be left behind to be confiscated by our enemy and used against our friends.

But the major concern is that the Afghan government and the Taliban are in the middle of peace talks. One major bargaining chip that the government was using in the talks was the support of the US and the presence of its troops. The concern is that the government has lost its bargaining power, and the Taliban will quit the talks, simply wait for our troops to leave, and then come back to war perhaps using the weapons we left behind.

I know politically this decision sounds wonderful. Donald Trump realizes that full well. In his desire to be re-elected by using this grand gesture, he is throwing another thing against the wall in hopes that something will stick and give him the votes he needs. His desire takes precedence over the possibility of peace in Afghanistan.

I would encourage everyone to listen to all news from several sources in order to be well-informed. One program that gives in-depth examination of the issues facing our country is public TV’s “Frontline.” There is so much more to the news than what is revealed by one or two sources.

Anne Michael

Tama, Iowa