Letter to the Editor

To the editor

I am insulted to be called a racist. I have respect for all mankind regardless of color, race or sexual preference. Our family has both Native American and Black members, and I am proud of both. Even though I have never met Miss Blackcloud I think she is a fine, well educated young lady. I also recognized how hard it is to be in the middle of two different views when family is concerned. I would assume she considers the settlement part of her family. Why the racist attack I don’t understand.

Also Miss Blackcloud stated I implied the tribe lacked patriotism. She needs to reread my letter. Patriotism of any sort was never mentioned or even hinted at. I know many young men from the settlement served their country proudly during World War II and later conflicts. I also know the Code Talkers were of great importance during war time.

I stand firm on my belief that property tax is a big issue. If one property owner is required to pay property tax, all who own property should be required to pay their share of property tax. If you purchase a new appliance you pay sales tax. Property tax has nothing to do with race or color.

My information came from what was published by the Tama County Supervisors in the Tama County newspapers. In my 28 years of reporting news for the Tama County papers, I repeatedly witnessed supervisors rejecting the land being placed in trust but to no avail. This has a great effect on Tama County.

Miss Blackcloud also mentioned all the jobs, training etc the casino has provided. This is true but it is expected if you are to run a business, small or large.

My ancestors go back to the 1850’s when they settled in Indiantown. My grandmother was born and raised on land now occupied by the casino. My grandfather and father both traded items and bought furs from the Indians in the 1930’s. Many times we had Native Americans at our home for a friendly meal.

I will mention I feel we have a well-educated and qualified representative for our district now

Joyce Wiese

Toledo, Iowa